Montessori Animal Prints Match-Up

27 Jul

Here is another use for your tin or pan that your child draws letters in (we use cornmeal, but I’ve seen sand, tang, flour, etc.) Take out your animals and make footprints. For my 2 year old, this was fun enough. He would just make a print and we’d clear it. It became fun with our snakes, dinosaurs with tails, sharks, and more.

For my almost 5 year old we made it a bit more challenging. He’d close his eyes, I’d make a print, then he’d match the animal to it (He would also do the same for me). He could check the print as a self-correction, but frankly, he’d usually just get it without wanting to check. I asked him how and he said he could tell by the size or orientation of the animals legs (not in so many words). I then made the prints into paths, and he’d match the animal to the trail they’d leave.

Finally, I would make two trails and he’d match each animal to its trail. Just remember to let your child self-correct with their animals, don’t just say “your right” or “your wrong.”

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One response to “Montessori Animal Prints Match-Up

  1. eryn

    May 1, 2012 at 1:07 am

    This is a cute activity! Thanks for sharing!


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